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Business Partners


CTC's business partners contribute their time and expertise to create student opportunities. Nearly 1,000 individual owners, managers, technicians, and other employees, representing 500 local businesses make up Career-Tech Center's partnership network.


All CTC programs have business advisory committees. These committees meet once during the fall and again in the spring. A chairperson is elected for each committee. Advisory committees advise CTC programs regarding curriculum changes/direction, equipment purchases, and trends in their business area.



CTC business advisors serve on panels and task forces, volunteer as student competition judges, act as CTC's School Improvement Committee members, and contribute donations of equipment, money, and training to CTC programs. CTC participate at area businesses for job shadows, field trips, work experiences, co-op jobs, apprenticeships, and part-time employment.

A prime example of CTC's business/industry partnership would be our annual scholarship golf outing. Local businesses have contributed over $100,000 over the past 13 years to this outing for CTC student scholarships.


All CTC programs list Business Advisory Council members under their "Highlights" section.