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Career Preparation Initiative


The mission of the Michigan Career Preparation System is that "all students completing the Michigan education system will have the necessary academic, technical, and work behavior skills for success in a career of their choice and lifelong learning."


Goal #1
The Career Preparation System will be fully integrated into the Michigan Education System.


Goal #2
To ensure that all students, with their parents, make informed choices about their careers.


Goal #3
To ensure that all students have the types and levels of skills, knowledge, and performance valued and required in their education and career choices.



  • Academic Preparation
    The primary purpose of the Career Preparation System is to make career awareness opportunities part of the regular school program. Career exploration activities are included in the teaching of language arts, math, science and social studies.
  • Career Development
    Connecting academics with career exploration activities encourages students to examine how their interests and abilities in different school subjects relate to their ideas about a future career.
  • Workplace Readiness
    Career and employability skills like attendance, organization, teamwork and communication are part of the regular school program. Effective use of technology is learned through its appropriate use in the academic program.
  • Professional and Technical Education
    Students learn about options for further education following high school graduation including college or university, technical training, the military and work.
  • Work-Based Learning
    Students participate in supervised work-site experiences where they see how the skills and knowledge they have learned in the classroom are used in the real world.
  • Accountability
  • School Improvement
    School Improvement Planning



  • Arts and Communication
  • Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology
  • Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology
  • Health Services
  • Human Services
  • Natural Resources and Agriscience


For more information:
Career Preparation Specialist
Phone: 231/922-6312