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Post-Secondary Options


The Traverse Bay Area Career-Tech Center has articulation, special enrollment, advanced placement, and co-enrollment programs with numerous Michigan universities, colleges and technical schools. Northwestern Michigan College, Ferris State University, Grand Valley State University, ITT Technical Institute, Central Michigan University, and Davenport University are among the schools that have a written contract with CTC to grant college credit for successful work completed at the Center during a students' high school years. Other post-secondary schools grant credit on a case-by-case basis.


Articulation means that credit is placed on a students' college transcript upon completion of one successful semester in college. Advanced placement means that college credit is placed on the college transcript upon enrollment. Both options allow a student to receive college credit for no tuition charge, and allow students to bypass entry-level courses.

Special enrollment means that college credit is issued immediately upon completion of high school work. Our special enrollment options are with Northwestern Michigan College and involve a small fee. The number of credits granted varies from program to program and are based on work accomplished in the classroom. Assessment is measured by competency testing or instructor evaluation.


We are pleased to be able to offer students these options in virtually all Career-Tech Center programs.


Pat Buron, Placement/Articulation Coordinator
[email protected]

Articulation is a process of transition from one educational institution to another. Articulation agreements are formal, written documents agreed upon by two or more institutions.

Students at the TBAISD Career-Tech Center have an opportunity to earn college credit for competencies attained in career and technical education programs at the CTC.

Articulation Benefits for the Student
Start college studies while still in high school; begin college in classes higher than entry level.
Receive college credit for course work taken at the secondary level.
Spend less money on tuition.
Spend less time obtaining a post-secondary education.
Accelerate progress by reducing duplication; motivation to continue schooling.
Improves job readiness skills and job placement potential.
Articulated credit appears on the student’s college transcript.

Programs which may be Articulated
All programs at the CTC have opportunities for students to receive articulated credit.

Our College Partners

Alpena Community College
Baker College
Central Michigan University
Davenport University
Ferris State University
Grand Valley State University
Northwestern Michigan College
University of Northwestern Ohio


For more information please refer to the college web site –

Credits Available by Program [pdf]