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Do you want to paint and repair cars?

AUTO BODY REPAIR offers the opportunity to:
• use high-tech equipment.
• work as a team on the class project car.
• earn academic credit and the State of Michigan auto body repair certification.

Auto Body Tech.Students develop technical competencies to complete the actual repair of automobile and light truck bodies. Bodywork involves MIG welding, repairing damaged body panels, body panel replacement, and plastic filler applications. After completion of the bodywork, the repaired surfaces are refinished. The repairperson acquires hands-on experience using welding equipment, special hand/power tools, and paint spray equipment. Safety techniques are emphasized. As a requirement of the Auto Body Repair program, all second-year students are required to take the State of Michigan Unitized Body Repair test. Passing this test is a State requirement to work as an auto body technician in a body shop in Michigan. This test will count as the student's semester exam. If they pass the test, they are not required to take the final exam at the end of the school year. If necessary, the test may be taken again second semester and will count as the final exam.


Auto Body Repair Staff: