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Are cars your passion?

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY offers the opportunity to:
• troubleshoot problems and service automobiles.
• work with mentors in local repair facilities.
• become a certified technician and earn academic and college credit.

Automotive Tech.

The Automotive Technology class is a two-year program. The areas covered in the program include: Basic Automotive Repair and Maintenance, Electrical, Engine Performance, Brakes, and Steering and Suspension. To accomplish the two years of objectives, a student starts in his/her junior year as a first-year student.  In the senior year, the student is able to participate in a work-based learning program at a local repair facility. Seniors can also enter the program and complete one year of the curriculum.

Students will also be taught communication skills, which include writing with clarity, reading for information, locating information, public speaking, and group discussion procedures and protocols. Portfolios, an action research project, career preparation documents, and leadership skills are also developed.



Automotive Technology Staff: