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Do you enjoy working with children?

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION offers the opportunity to:
• learn about child-related careers through work experiences, job shadows, and
  field trips.
• create child-centered activities, lesson plans, and environments for children.
• earn academic and college creditl.

Early Child Ed

Early Childhood Education is a one or two-year program for students who are interested in careers relating to early childhood education. Students explore a variety of career opportunities by participating in work experiences in elementary schools, preschools, special education classrooms, day care centers, and group day care homes.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in several workshops, conferences, field trips, and other related volunteer activities within their own communities to help reinforce their learning. Through classroom activities, students
will also become more aware of current issues relating to children, families, and the workplace.

Students will meet state licensing requires that all students must have proof of a negative TB test, DHS background clearance for abuse/neglect and mandatory reporter training. Students also participate in bloodborne pathogen training, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome/Shaken Baby Syndrome training, and must have two letters of reference to support their work with children. They are also required to complete CPR and first aid training while in the program.

Students who enroll in Early Childhood Education (ECE) have the opportunity to earn 12th grade English Language Arts (ELA) credit, which is delivered by a highly-qualified English teacher. ELA is integrated into the ECE curriculum and is a natural part of the instruction. All students participate in the ELA instruction. Students, who are seeking ELA credit, need to contact their home school counselor.

Two Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) Service Learning credits can be earned through successfully completing 40 hours at a work experience and full credit in ECE (at the end of the second year).

Articulated college credits are available upon successful completion of ECE.

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Early Childhood Education Staff: