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Programs - Graphic Design & Promotional Media




Professional Organization
IGAEA (International Graphic Arts Education Association)


Student Clubs/Organizations Highlights
Our Graphic Design & Promotional Media program participates in the Skills USA competition every year in the areas of Advertising Design, and Graphics Communications. We have seen much success in these competitions over the years.




Community Involvement
Our students often participate in design contests for actual projects. We match students to projects that develop their skills. This is a great way to teach students about client relations and makes the projects a lot more fun because they are real.



"Participating in the TBAISD Career-Tech Center's Graphic Design & Promotional Media course was the best way I could kick-start my career. As a student, I was able to complete design projects for real clients and learn skills that are totally crucial to freelancing as a designer. Then, in college, I was already comfortable with software and skills that kids two or three years older than me still hadn't learned. It was a huge head start that I still see paying off in my career today, and it's allowed me to make a living doing exactly what I'm passionate about: being creative." -

"Samie Kaufman, Target Creative"

Target Creative Studio portfolio link is


"The Graphic Design and Promotional Media class truly changed my life. In high school, I struggled with traditional learning and this is where I was able to find myself and what I was genuinely passionate about. Julie Orr is an incredible teacher. She is educated, enthusiastic and is always there to help. This program not only gave me a wonderful education but also opened up so many doors for me after I graduated. I was able to work as a paid intern for a creative marketing agency and attended one of the best art schools in the nation. At CTC. I learned real life skills that have set me up for a better future. I am forever grateful for my time spent at the Career-Tech Center". – Gabrielle Whaley



Business Advisors

Ashley Bassett, Ashley Bassett Photography  

Eric Campbell, Proof Positive Design  

Jeff Ek, FSU  

Mike Erway   

Jose Garcia, Student  

Jack Gyr, Bookwear/Fieldcrafts  

Rob Harlow, Fast Signs  

Kelly Hawkins, TBACTC ELA  

Ken Kingsley, Village Press  

Andrew Kohlman image360  

Roger Leask, Allegra Marketing Print Mail  

Mike McCatty, Village Press  

Leah Melichar, FSU  

Ed Olsen   

Julie Orr, TBACTC Instructor  

Eric Palmer, Traverse Reproduction  

Allison Popp, FSU  

Mary Rogers, Parent  

Lucy Rogers, Student  

Meredith Schmidt, TBA Early College  

Karen Shoskey, TBACTC  

Jacqueline Southby, Southby Photography  

Christina Trogan, TBACTC Paraprofessional  

Jose Valladares, Garcia Student  

Andy Wakeman, Andy Wakeman Photography  

Adam Warren, Bulls-i  

Brandy Wheeler, Visitors Media  

Rebecca Worley, National Cherry Festival  

Charlie Wunsch, Edible GT