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Are you interested in engineering, manufacturing, & robotics?

• work in teams to design, build, and compete with robots.
• partner with mentors to solve industry-related problems.
• earn academic and college credit.

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   Are you interested in how things work? Do you like math,

    science, or technology? Do you like to put things together?

   Are you wondering about a career in engineering,  

   manufacturing, or robotics? MTA is now enrolling students for

   next year's junior and senior classes!




Manufacturers in our region compete in the rapidly expanding global economy and must have personnel with high-level   academic and technical skills. MTA prepares students to be competitive in this marketplace through a comprehensive curriculum that integrates high level academics with their technical utility and extends the classroom into the workplace.

Along with rigorous academic classes in chemistry, physics, economics, technical writing/public speaking, and mathematics (including college calculus for students who place into it), students experience industry-standard training in critical thinking and problem solving. MTA’s technical curriculum builds knowledge in design, robotics and automation, quality assurance, fluid power, manufacturing processes and electrical systems as well as providing experiences in project management and working effectively in teams by contending in national robotics competitions and other competitive and collaborative challenges. MTA augments its academic and technical curricula with experiences in varied manufacturing workplaces that include: internships and mentors for all students, tours, job shadowing and industry-related projects.
Students interested in various fields of engineering, robotics and automation, manufacturing processes, computer numeric control or business management should apply. The Academy is a TBAISD Career-Tech Center program housed at NMC's Parsons-Stulen building.

Manufacturing Technology Academy of Northwest Michigan Mission Statement:
To provide a learning environment which motivates and enables students to acquire world-class manufacturing and engineering skills while positioning them to compete and excel in the global market.



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