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Do you want to get your foot in the door in the film and new media industry?


Learn all aspects of planning and executing effective visual communications while mastering the most powerful medium of our time — film and new media.

Film and New Media offers the opportunity to:

  • Write a script
  • Direct a scene
  • Light and shoot a scene
  • Edit picture and sound
  • Use the latest video and audio equipment


Film and New media is a career/technical course that provides students with an introduction and basic overview of film and new media production skills and professions. As students create films throughout the year, they will explore the many key disciplines of filmmaking. The primary areas include Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production – as well as some film theory essentials.


This course is designed NOT JUST FOR students pursuing jobs skills or pursuing advanced university or trade school courses in the film and new media field, but anyone interested in learning to communicate with one of the most powerful communication tools to date; on-line video.


 You’ll learn and communicate effectively using the visual media that dominates communication today. Every business, every organization, survives by telling its story. If you learn to tell a good story through video, you can persuade more people, sell more products, and raise more awareness. In the last decade more and more businesses and organizations recognize that their continued existence depends on their success as visual communicators and are employing skilled people that have new media expertise.


Students learn history, theory, application, and production of film and new media processes. Students participate in classroom and hands-on activities covering all aspects of film and new media production and operations. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have enhanced communications skills and a better understanding of film and new media production, as well as its impact on society. Students will incorporate leadership, citizenship, work ethic, cooperative attitudes, and social skills through their participation in class and community activities such as SkillsUSA, the National Career/Technical student organization. In addition, students are also prepared for further study in film/video at the college level.



Film and New Media Staff: