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Programs - Teacher Academy


Program Success Indicators




Follow written & verbal directions

Flexible/adaptable to change

Multi-task oriented; ability to anticipate situations

Writing & reading skills at or above grade level

Good communicator, in writing and orally

No felony convictions

Independent worker

“People person” -able to relate well to children and adults

Responsible character, suitable to meet the needs of children

Proper use of grammar

Outgoing, able to take initiative

Appropriate grooming and hygiene

Effective communication skills

Ability to work in teams & independently

Consistent attendance

 Ability to gather information using a variety of resources

Appropriate/mature behavior/ role-model/emotionally stable

Patient; able to work at children’s pace and meet individual needs

 Competent in the use of technology

Accepts supervision and constructive criticism well


 Ability to problem solve and think critically

Able to handle pressure; remains calm in new situations

Develop presentation skills

 Good decision-making skills

Sincere interest in being with children



Self-disciplined; responsible behavior, shows self-control


  Age-appropriate social skills  
  Willingness to work toward skill mastery  
  Effective manager or time  
  Ability to assess own work and the work of others  

Career-Tech Center Curriculum

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”  
Mark VanDoren, American writer and editor

Students involved in the Teacher Academy will develop a true understanding of teaching as a career. Not only will they observe a variety of different classroom settings, they will also practice effective teaching strategies, such as:
  • Authentic teaching and Learning
  • Standards-based planning
  • Traditional and Alternative Assessment
  • Hands-on learning
  • Proactive classroom management
  • Integration of technology
  • Cooperative learning

Participating students and their mentors will work collaboratively to develop clear expectations, assessments and evaluations, appropriate classroom behavior guidelines, effective communication skills, and other issues critical for success with this experience. 

Students will be given an opportunity throughout the year to visit/attend:

  • Vocational programs 
  • Special Education programs
  • NMC University Center
  • Non-public schools
  • Alternative schools
  • Board meetings
  • Teacher Meetings
  • Regional professional development activities

Goals of the Academy:

  • Respond to projected national teacher shortages by regionally expanding options for our students
  • “Grow and nurture our own”
  • Provide students with early exposure to teaching as a career
  • Provide students with an understanding of the structure and organization of school systems
  • Allow students to experience a variety of educational settings: special, general, vocational 
  • Articulation with teacher training institutions 
  • Make a connection to a support network of students, teachers, community members, and parents