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Have you always dreamed of being a teacher?

TEACHER ACADEMY offers the opportunity to:
• work with a variety of students and teachers at different grade levels.
• develop actual lessons and activities.
• gain teaching experience and earn academic and college credit.

Teacher AcademyThis program is designed to expand options for students interested in a career in teaching. The Academy pairs future teachers with mentor teachers to provide students with experiences in all aspects of school-related activities from board and parent/teacher meetings to classroom and professional development experiences. Students will be exposed to a variety of topics related to education. They include classroom teaching strategies, classroom management, State of Michigan Curriculum Framework, brain research, and more. In a process based on interviews, discussions, portfolios of student work, demonstrations, field trips and actual teaching experiences, students will gain a realistic understanding of teaching as a career.


Teacher Academy Website

Teacher Academy Overview video created by Dr. Adam Manley, Western Michigan University.


Teacher Academy Staff: