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Programs - Teacher Academy




Sherry Stephens, St. Francis Mentor
Teacher, working with Tyler Schell and
Teresa Dawson on technology development.

Nealie Holmes and Laura Kraemer
teach a class at their home school,
Suttons Bay.


  • "The Teacher Academy has given me an in-depth look at the teaching profession and has allowed me to experience aspects of teaching I had never known before."
    Maria L., Glen Lake High School
  • "The Teacher Academy is giving me the opportunity to find out if I really want to be
    in the teaching profession when I get older." Missy, Leland High School
  • "The Teacher Academy is lots of work but even more fun!" Joshua, Benzie Central
  • "The Teacher Academy has shown me every aspect of teaching that I would have never been able to experience through any other program or class!" Erin E., Glen Lake High School
  • "The Teacher Academy is an exciting new educational opportunity for high school students interested in teaching as a career. This innovative program will not only
    give our future educators a practical work experience, but will also provide them with helpful, professionally presented workshops full of ideas and educational theory.
    What a tremendous opportunity for our students." Mike Walker, Glen Lake High
    School Counselor

Business Advisors

Hannah Beaudry, NMC University Center  

Lorraine Berak, NMC University Center - CMU  

Cheryl Bloomquist, NMC/FSU  

Brian Burns, TC East Middle School  

Liz Conrad, Michigan Virtual  

Melanie Dashner, St. Mary Lake Leelanau  

Daryl Dimon, Kalkaska Middle School  

Amy McCoy, Parent  

Deb Neddo, TBAISD Migrant Educator  

Susan O'Connor, TBACTC Instructor  

Rachel Odziana, Grand Traverse Academy  

Doug Olson, TBAISD  

Shannon Owen, NMC University Center - GVSU  

Stephanie Patrzik, Grand Traverse Academy  

Andrea Podsaid, Elk Rapids High School  

Kathy Radakovich, TCAPS  

Deanna Sayer, Next Step College & Career Pl.  

Drea Weiner, TBAISD