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Programs - Welding and Fabrication







Read a ruler; measure to 1/8" proficiently

Able to follow directions

Be able to lift 80 lbs.

Read and write at eighth grade level

Able to follow safety rules

20/20 vision (corrected)

Basic math skills:

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers, fractions, three place decimals

Convert fractions to decimals

Convert decimals to fractions

Figure/calculate area, volume

Able to work in small and large groups

Doesn't mind getting dirty

Interest in program area

Ability to stay on task/self-directed

Willingness to work until skill is mastered

Enjoy physical/hands-on work

Able to work with hand and power tools in a safe manner


Arrive on time – daily


Attend class daily


Read and write at eighth grade level

Work in close proximity to others without distracting them



Not easily distracted



Be able to accept constructive criticism