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Welding: An Occupation with a Future

A few years ago welding as an occupation received some bad press, in that robotics and automation would replace skilled welders. Nothing could be further from the truth. Currently, nationwide there is a high demand for skilled welders.

As technology has changed, there are less low-skill jobs in welding, but there are many more jobs that require workers with technical skills, math and problem-solving abilities. In the past, many manufacturing companies would take people off the street and provide them with minimal training and make them a "welder." Today's welding technology is safer, more complex and requires setup and troubleshooting skills.

Job opportunities in the welding field are varied—everything from general metal fabrication to tool and die, shipbuilding, and aircraft welding. Welding skills are an essential part of construction, maintenance, agricultural and transportation occupations.

The CTC Welding Fabrication Program has a twenty-one year history of one of the highest placement rates and starting salaries. Hundreds of CTC welding graduates are successfully employed everywhere from Michigan to Alaska. These graduates are engineers, teachers, technicians, plant managers, welding supervisors, and business owners, as well as all types of welders. Many companies throughout Northwestern Michigan such as Actron Steel, Ace Welding, and Tri-Met, use the Career-Tech Center as their first choice for trained welders.

The American Welding Society has surveyed the industry and has determined that in the next ten years there will be a critical shortage of skilled welders as the workforce reaches retirement.

For individuals who are mechanically inclined, like to build and repair things, and take pride in accomplishment, welding can provide a rewarding occupation today and a secure future tomorrow.


Business Advisors

Walter (Butch) Albrecht, Albrecht Custom Welding  

Ryan Deering, T.C. Water Jet Cutting  

Brian Farkas, Maxal Inc.  

Bob Grose, TBACTC Instructor  

Chuck Hunt, NWS  

Rick Mathis, TBACTC Instructor  

Brian Moore, Actron Steel  

Bill Neil, Car Quest Kalkaska  

Kim Norris, Airgas  

Steve Rairigh, T.C. Water Jet Cutting  

Kirk Schuch, Trimet Industries  

Shelby Sineway, Student  

Brian Veeninga, Purity Cylinder Gases  

David Williams, Parent  

Ashley Young, Bellaire Public Schools