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Student Services - Attendance

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Responsibilities of the Student

Attendance records will be maintained on a per-semester basis. The policy applies to all high school and adult students' enrolled. Students will earn credit by being present in class. Students' skill level, work attitude, and attendance records are very important in determining their potential as an employee. It is the student's responsibility to correct the attendance sheet weekly. Absences must be corrected within two weeks.
Achieving perfect attendance will grant students special recognition. Student names will be posted at the Center and a letter will be sent to their family and home school. Students will also be recognized at CTC's spring honors night. Perfect attendance means no personal absences or make-up days.

If Absent*

  • Parents or guardians should call 922-6320 on the day of the absence.
  • When students return, they complete an absence form and submit it to their teacher.
  • Student absences will be reported to their home school on a daily basis.

*Home high school related absences must be verified by the home high school within two weeks. Failure to do so will result in the absence being charged against you.

Home High School Related Absence

  • Snow days called by sending school or Career-Tech Center
  • School sponsored activities as determined by home school
  • College visitation with home school approval
  • Home high school calendar conflicts
  • Armed services: ASVAB testing or physical exam

Personal Absences*

  • Illness/or absences for medical appointments
  • Funeral attendance
  • Legal business
  • Religious holidays
  • Family vacations
  • Wedding attendance
  • Homebound students
  • Hunting
  • Skips
  • Arriving too late or leaving too early
  • Three (3) tardies

*Extended illnesses, bereavement or extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis by the administration and teacher.

Tardies will be penalized by a loss of daily Work Ethic points. Every third tardy will affect attendance as a penalty day. If you arrive later than 15 minutes after your home school's start time, or leave 15 minutes before scheduled home school departure time, you are tardy. Upon the sixth tardy, the student will be referred to CTC administration for further progressive disciplinary action.

Credit Recommendation
Being present for the full class is the student's responsibility. Personal absences will affect CTC's recommendation to the home school for credit in the following ways:

5 or Less Days: Recommend 1 ½ credits. (max available)
6 – 10 Days: Recommend 1 credit.
11 – 15 Days: Recommend ½ credit.
16 or More Days: Recommend no credit. Meet with administrator to determine continued enrollment.

At Five (5) Personal Absences:
CTC will send a letter home reminding student of attendance expectations.

At Ten (10) Personal Absences:
A credit/loss letter will be sent to home and school.

To assist students in meeting their attendance responsibilities, the CTC staff will notify students of attendance expectations and distribute the Student Handbook.

Students on co-op or work experience training agreements are required to turn in time cards on a weekly basis. Failure to do so may result in credit reduction.

Make-Up Days
With prior approval from the instructor, a student can make up a personal absence as it relates to credit recommendations. A make-up day can only be arranged through the instructor when the home high school is not in session or has granted special permission. Students should arrange for make-ups on a timely basis and not wait for the last minute.

Make-up days have to be completed during the same semester that the personal absence occurs. Make-up slips should be turned in to student services office within two days. Skips cannot be made up. Only absences which have been confirmed by parents can be made up. Parents must call within 48 hours.

Students need to be in attendance the entire class period (2 ½ hours) and complete a make-up form in order for the day to be recorded. Make-up days have to be reported to the Student Services office. Days cannot be made up during CTC vacations. Skips and non-confirmed absences cannot be made up.