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It is the mission of the TBAISD Career-Tech Center to provide students with skills and learning experiences for employment and life-long learning. To this end, students in the technical programs are provided with support in the areas of: technical reading, writing, and mathematics; career preparation skills (resumes, letters of introduction, etc.); technology and computer skills; and the development of working and presentation portfolios.

Using three ACT WorkKeys tests (Applied Math, Locating Information, and Reading for Information), all entering students’ basic skills are assessed. These tests are used, in part, to determine a student’s ability to be successful in the technical program and in a specific job or occupational field. More and more employers across the United States are asking for ACT WorkKeys scores for hiring decisions. In fact, one of three levels (gold, silver, and bronze) of the National Career Readiness Certificate can be earned based upon a student’s scores on these three tests. This certificate is recognized by many employers throughout the nation.

More than 3000 unique job titles have been profiled to determine the specific ACT WorkKeys skill levels required for these jobs. Once a student’s skill levels have been determined, instructors and support staff work with him/her to increase the skill levels in these academic areas and provide the student with the required skills for the job or occupation. Additional information regarding the ACT WorkKeys tests may be obtained at

In addition, these three ACT WorkKeys tests are part of the Michigan Merit Exam, and, in the fall, all entering CTC students are exposed to an alternative version of the three tests so as to be given some practice before actually seeing these tests as part of the Michigan Merit Exam the following spring. Students who demonstrate proficiency on the Michigan Merit Exam are eligible to receive the Michigan Promise Scholarship. For more information on this scholarship, visit the Michigan Department of Education’s website at:,1607,7-128-38193_44522---,00.html.

Academic curriculum experts and instructors in all technical programs have been involved in a multi-year project in which the technical curriculum has been aligned to the Michigan High School Content Expectations, national and state technical standards, the Michigan Career and Employability standards, and Michigan technology standards. Students will encounter a curriculum that is seamless, as these standards are all interwoven.

In addition, highly qualified teachers in the areas of English Language Arts and mathematics are assigned to technical programs and have developed curricula that meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum guidelines and then work alongside the technical instructor to deliver instruction. Michigan Merit Curriculum offerings in selected Career-Tech Center programs can be accessed on the following link: Michigan Merit Curriculum Offerings. Questions regarding academic credit at the Career-Tech Center can be forwarded to Stephanie Long, Curriculum Supervisor, [email protected].

TBAISD Career-Tech Center- Michigan Merit Curriculum Offerings  2018-19

A website of sample integrated instructional resources used in the various career and technical programs can be accessed here.