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Student Services - Placement


An important aspect of the CTC program is placement counseling. Placement Coordinators assist students who are in the process of completing or have completed their occupational program by helping them obtain technical work experience, cooperative educational experiences, job shadowing or mentoring experiences. They also work closely with business and industry in assisting students with employment needs.

Over 500 area employers assist the Career-Tech Center programs by providing on-the-job training and experience in the form of job shadowing, mentoring, work exploration and co-op jobs. Adults may also take part in training and retraining during the regular school day or through evening programs.

Apprenticeship The apprentice and a sponsor develop a written contract that details conditions under which the apprenticeship is to be served. This is a new program. Career-Tech Center staff will be looking for businesses interested in working with students.


Cooperative Education Co-op provides a "capstone" experience for students. A co-op student is available at a wage established by the employer for a specified number of hours per day. The student on co-op must be enrolled in a program at the Center directly relating to occupational goals. Coordinators set up the training plan with the employer. The student is evaluated by the worksite supervisor and receives a grade based on that evaluation.


Full/Part Time Employment Upon completion of CTC programs, students are ready for full or part-time employment related to their training.


Job Shadowing Students have an opportunity to visit job sites to obtain accurate career information and to link with successful role models.


Work Exploration This is a short term, non-paid placement. While on the job, students work under the close observation of employers and perform actual job duties. Work exploration provides a student with the realities of the world of work and better prepares the student to focus on an occupational goal. Employers have an opportunity to appraise and offer guidance for future employment or education.


Less-Than-Class-Size This program is an alternative to classroom instruction. Training is designed primarily for the delivery of instruction not already available through existing career and technical programs, using the local business community for training sites of new or unique occupations.

Forms/Documents you may download:
Acecdotal Log Template
Application for Placement Services
Co-op Definition & Goals
Co-op/Work Experience Attendance Policy
Driving Permission Form
Employer Evaluation Form
Guidelines for Worksite Supervisors
Job Order Template
Job Shadow-Mentor Agreement
Parent Letter
Placement Summary
Safety Inspection Checklist
Student Hours Report Form
Student Hours Report Policy Agreement
Student Responsibilities Contract
Co-op Training Agreement
Work Experience Definition/Goals
Work Experience Training Agreement


Pat Buron, Placement/Articulation Coordinator
Phone: 231/922-6298

Dana Venhuizen , Student Services Technician
Phone: 231/922-6312